Our purpose is to support a vibrant community of fine artists, to provide an opportunity to exhibit and sell regional fine art under a juried system, to enhance professional development among artists, and to benefit the community as a whole.

Our mission is to create art for the community and a community for artists.

Our gallery is owned and operated by Q Artists Cooperative. Cooperatives are owned and democratically controlled by their members. A Fine Arts Co-op, like Q, is a business owned and controlled by those who produce art and exists to meet the needs of it’s members by marketing fine art. We hope to educate the wider community about art. 

Artist Members, who are all working artists, pay dues to cover expenses, work gallery hours, serve on committees, and participate in the running of the business. You will most likely meet a different artist each time you return to the gallery. Artists become members through an application and the jury process.

We are committed to growth and development of individual artists as well as the growth of fine art in the community at large. The gallery is intentionally located in a renovated building at the heart of downtown in the effort to make our community a place where buying local is rewarding and strolling down Main Street is a pleasure.

Please feel free to ask questions about any of the artwork or artists. We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

We are located on Main Street in downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The gallery building was constructed in 1914 as the Arcade Billiard Hall and has recently been renovated to reveal the original wood floors tin ceiling and art deco lights.

We are an artist owned, producers cooperative* business drawing our membership from Wisconsin, most from the Central Wisconsin area.

*What is a Producers’ Cooperative ?
 Producers cooperatives are owned and democratically controlled by their members. In the case of an artists’ cooperative, it is owned and controlled by those who produce art, not by investors or by a local nonprofit. Cooperatives elect their Board of Directors from within membership. Cooperatives are motivated not by profit, but by service – to meet their member’s needs for marketing fine art while educating the wider community about art. Any surplus revenues from the co-op are returned to individual members who agree to pay personal taxes on that income. By banding together, producer’s co-ops leverage greater bargaining power with buyers. They may also combine resources to more effectively market and brand their artwork, improving the incomes of their members.