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Member Artists:

An exhibiting member is an artist, who has specialist training in his or her medium (not necessarily in an academic institution), is recognized by his/her peers as an artist, is committed to devoting significant time to the artistic activity and has a history of public presentation.

To be eligible, you must:
Complete the Artist Member Application and return/email to the Q Gallery. Our members will vote on new members once a month. See links at the right for the forms.
  • Submit a completed application.
  • Send an email with 10-12 images of recent works attention membership.
  • Or send us a link to your website.
  • Submit an Artist Statement.

Artist Membership Requirements:
  • Members will purchase one share of equity at $250.
  • Exhibiting members are required to make an annual commitment to the Gallery. Ownership cycles begin on the 1st day of the month the artist joins.
  • Choose from three membership options:
  1. Regular Membership: Pay fee of $700 a year or $58.30 a month and staff the gallery as needed.
  2. More Time Membership: Pay fee of $240 a year or $20 a month and staff the gallery with
    3 more additional shifts than Regular Membership artists.
  3. Less Time Membership: Pay fee of $960 a year or $80 a month with no staffing responsibility.
*The number of Regular Membership shifts depends on the number of current members available to staff the gallery.

  • All members will contribute equally to the business and operations of the cooperative. This includes but is not limited to serving on committees, staffing the gallery, maintenance and upkeep of cooperative assets, and other duties as determined by the business needs.
  • Exhibiting members are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the spirit and letter of our mission. See values and bylaws.
  • Dues may be paid on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis worked out with our Accountant.
Artist Membership Benefits
  • Your work displayed in a beautiful, newly renovated gallery space (over 2000-square feet) in downtown Stevens Point.
  • Low, 20% commission (you receive 80% of your retail sales.)
  • Periodic solo or two person exhibitions.
  • Be part of a public gallery and its events and promotions.
  • Every owner serves on the Co-op’s Board of Directors with voting rights.
  • Promotion of Members’ work through media advertising, press releases and radio.
  • A permanent presence on the co-op’s webpage with a link to your web page.
  • Revenue from sales paid monthly.
  • Discounts on Co-op sponsored professional development workshops.
  • Use of gallery space for private party or meeting.
  • Opportunities to share your creative energies with other artists.