Sept. 11 through Nov. 2, 2108

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Jane Barnard
Watercolor, pastel
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Jody Beighley
Colored pencil
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Kristie F. Cecil
Oils, gouache
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CathyJean Clark

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John Davenport
Oils, pastel

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Dan Sivek
Oils, pastels

Making art is a solitary pursuit. Traditionally artists have gathered together for mutual support. They met in elegant French salons, cafes, living rooms, and even grungy bars.

We SIX are local professional artists, diverse in background as well as media. What binds us? A serious commitment to our work and a passion for art and artists.

Art making can be a lonely business, but the power of the group of SIX sweetens the process as we share: support, helpful critique, and motivation.