Momentum: Art in Motion

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July 3 through September 7, 2018

Momentum :: Art in Motion is show that is all about movement – actual or implied –
whether that is the simple mechanical action of bodies in motion,
the aspect of chance as it relates to the spontaneous flow of creation,
or the constant push forward toward new goals and horizons.

Erin Prais-Hintz brings her vision of momentum to life through
polymer clay art jewelry, acrylic flow paintings and mobiles moving in the space.

Joining Erin in interpreting this theme are Q artists:
Dan Sivek, Justine Pawelski, Sandra Ticknor, Mary Therese Murphy, Lynn Kirby, and Jessie Fritsch.

You won’t want to miss this highly anticipated show by one of Q Gallery’s most talented artists. Included in the show are 2-D work, mobiles,’tabliles’, jewelry, ceramics, encaustics, and lots of surprises! Below is a sneak preview of Erin’s work.

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